A free AI assistant from Sutherland to support organizations looking to better support their employees and stakeholders.

Welcome to CareBot Demo site.

We have developed CareBot for organizations looking to provide a rapid, centralized and organized pandemic information system for their stakeholders.

This page allows you to test how CareBot would interact with your users if deployed in your website or company intranet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is CareBot Powered by Sutherland?

Carebot lets you find answers to the COVID-19 pandemic through a conversational AI experience using the same tools that power our Conversational AI solutions for customers.

How does CareBot Work?

CareBot is a specialized conversational experience that answers questions related to the coronavirus pandemic.  You can use one of the quick question buttons or type in a question.  The data is sourced from the CDC (Centers of Disease Control) and the WHO (World Health Organization).

Who Built CareBot?

Sutherland’s conversational AI team volunteered an effort to build this resource for our own employees and for other companies.  A public health expert worked with the design and engineering team to develop the experience and answers.  The content will be updated regularly through the duration of the pandemic.

Can I Customize CareBot for My Company?

Yes. CareBot can be integrated with your intranet or customer facing sites.  Drop us a line to learn how.